We've joined together to provide you a unique blend of cross-cultural experiences

Intercultural Bridge

Naama Peer

Living in Cabanaconde, Peru for the past 8 years, Naama has gained intimate insight into the local village life. With a background in design and art, she collaborates with local artists and craftsmen on RURU Arts – a project focused on collecting, designing, and creating art that narrates cultural stories. During the retreat, Naama will serve as an intercultural bridge between our group and the local community, connecting Western cultures with the people of Cabanaconde. Additionally, she will lead a workshop on creative exploration using local materials.

Body wisdom guide

Ryan Kobeissi

Ryan is a Holistic Lifestyle, Inner Child and Embodiment Coach based in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Through his own journey of healing and transformation he has dedicated the last 5 years helping individuals end their own pain and suffering to unlock the profound potential of their mind and body. He specialises in yoga, qigong and breathwork, and will facilitate nourishing movement practices specialised for all body types at high altitudes. Join him to uncover the remarkable potential within you and pave the path to a more balanced, vibrant and harmonious life!

Expressive Artist

Hagar Biton

Living in Atlanta GA, Hagar has been an artist since before she can remember. She emphasizes the importance of creating the space to express your authentic self and transforming through art. On the retreat, she will teach a workshop on ‘Transformation and LiberationThrough Art’, and guide us through fighting the fear of the blank page.


Cultural experiences and some of the services will be provided by the local community.