March 18-20, 2024


An intersection of local culture, adventure, creative expression and body wisdom experiences in the magnificent landscape of Colca Canyon.

For the creative, multi passionate who desire to explore different aspects of life, with authenticity and depth.

To see the world, to immerse yourself in the traditional local life and culture, to meet local indigenous people, to witness a different way of living.

To hike and enjoy outdoor adventures within the immensity of nature, in one of the deepest canyons in the world.

For you who's craving new ways to create and express yourself through art and movement.

Longing for a deeper connection to movement, to nature, to be guided by your body wisdom.

And feeling it’s time to connect, explore and liberate diverse worlds within and outside of your self.

At the intersection of diverse worlds, a whole new realm is being born


March 18-20, 2024

The Intersection Experience has been designed to build more connection between local people in Cabanaconde with the visitors exploring this beautiful area, To provide you a unique experience of local culture and life combined with art and body expression, and to support the local community.

In the first 3 days we will be immersed in connection, exploration and liberation, nestled in the comfort of Pachamama Home, experiencing diverse activities of self expression, body wisdom, outdoor adventures and local cultural traditions that will open our hearts and minds to new ways of being. 

Afterward, you're invites to join us for 4 days of hiking through the breathtaking landscapes of Colca Canyon, expanding our physical and spiritual bodies while soaked in nature

This adventure is for you especially if one or more of the next is true:

  • You love culture and interested in knowing and connect with local people, witness, explore and taste their life and traditions.
  • You’re a creative (we believe we all are) who wants to explore and enjoy self expression through art and movement.
  • You love adventures in nature and want to see the most beautiful and hidden spots In Colca Canyon.

Join us for an unforgettable experience you'll be proud of yourself you did!



Pachamama Home is a well known guest house for travelers visiting and exploring Colca Canyon independently. They have very friendly staff, in a beautiful colorful place. They offer comfortable rooms, a cosy restaurant, delicious breakfast with homemade bread and great wood fired pizza for dinner.
The Guesthouse is located in the Main Street of Cabanaconde, a traditionalvillage of Colca Canyon, 20 minutes walk from the border of the canyon and where hike trails to get to thee bottom of the Canyon starts.

All rooms are private. 

We have Family room for up to 4 people with private bathroom, Double or twin rooms with private bathroom, Double or twin rooms with private bathroom located outside the room. 

We'll give preference for couples to get the rooms with private bathrooms inside the room, and for a group of friends or a family to get the family room. 

We will contact you within 48 hours from reservation to ask for your preference. 


Breakfast and lunch are included in the experience cost.
* If you have dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.

Day 1


On the first day you will enjoy comfort food, to feel good to connect with each others, including a good wood fired pizza for dinner.

Day 2


We will explore traditional ways to carry our food to have breakfast on the top of the mountain, taste diverse Peruvian food for and have lunch made with local products harvested in our village.

day 3

Free choice

A meal of your choice from the menu.

Buffet breakfast. Lunch at a restaurant on the border of the canyon, with condors passing by.



  • Accommodation for the night prior to the day you choose to join. If you join for 3 days, we include also the last night after our activities ends.
  • Meals
  • Activities, tours and workshops


  • Flights to Peru and / or to Arequipa
  • Transportation from Arequipa to Cabanaconde and/or back
  • Accommodation in Arequipa
  • Visa to visit peru (who do not need a visa)
  • Travel health insurance
  • Extra beverages
  • 4 days hike after the 3 days experience